Mission and Vision

Our Mission

To ensure all the beneficiaries, institutions and organizations benefit from the European Union Programs in the most effective way in the fields of education, youth and sports in the most effective way.


Our Vision

To maximize the contribution of education, youth and sports projects carried out in international cooperation for the development of our country's human capital in terms of quantity and quality,

To accomplish the programs aimed at improving the personal, social and professional skills of our beneficiaries and the capacities of our institutions and organizations reach the right target audiences and new users in terms of need, efficiency and impact,

To that our country is represented in the best way in international activities to be carried out at home and abroad, and that participants recognize and promote their own culture and values ​​correctly,

To contribute to the elimination of the obstacles in front of the internationalization of our institutions and organizations in the fields of education, youth and sports as much as possible,

To ensure that the programs are carried out in line with the development policies, priorities and 2023 vision of our country.


Our Values

  • Result oriented
  • Strategic Management
  • Pioneering and Innovative Approach
  • Reliability and Transparency
  • Impartiality
  • Respect for Diversity
  • Efficiency and Effectiveness