Protocol Between the Turkish National Agency and the Turkish Airlines

Within the scope of Erasmus+ and European Solidarity Programmes, the Turkish National Agency Beneficiaries fly with Turkish Airlines with a 15% Discount and a Total 40kg Baggage Allowance!


At the signing ceremony held at the Turkish Airlines General Directorate,  the protocol was signed by our Director Mr. İlker ASTARCI, and Turkish Airlines Chairman of the Board of Directors and the Executive Committee Prof. Dr. Ahmet BOLAT on November 18, 2022. Within the context of the protocol, beneficiaries of funded projects by the Turkish National Agency can benefit from extra discounts and opportunities. In this context, you may be entitled to a 15% ticket discount on the "base fare", which is the net ticket price excluding fuel and taxes, on your international flights with Turkish Airlines.


The campaign covers all tickets, including domestic transit flights to be used for departure and return from abroad. In the campaign, which includes two-way and one-way ticket purchases, discounts are also valid for one-way ticket purchases in cases where the airport you go abroad from Turkey and the airport you return to Turkey from abroad are different from each other. In addition, within the framework of this cooperation, you can obtain a total of 40 kg baggage allocation, valid for all your flights.


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