The evaluation process for 1st period of "Erasmus+ Through My Lens" has been completed

The evaluation process for 1st Period of  "Erasmus+ Through My Lens " photo contest within the framework of 30th anniversary of Erasmus+ has been completed. The winner of first period is Züleyha TEHİNOĞLU from Karadeniz Technical University who benefited from Erasmus+ internship activity.

In her photo, Züleyha witnesses the mirthful games of children in Bradford where water resources to swim are limited.

We would like to thank all the beneficiaries who participated in the contest.

We congratulate Zuleyha TEHİNOĞLU.

The evaluation process for the 2nd and 3rd Periods of the "Erasmus+ Through My Lens” photo contest and the application process for the 4th Period are still continuing. 

The contest is open to all beneficiaries across Europe.


02 Haziran 2017 Cuma